Saturday, May 23, 2009


ASAIB hosted the Triennial Meeting of
Representatives from International Indexing Societies on 8 May at the Maropeng Heritage Centre in the Cradle of Humankind. This was followed by the annual ASAIB Conference on the theme Africa Visited and Revisited. The following is a photographic survey of some of the conference activities. A full report on the conference was published in the ASAIB newsletter (
On Sunday evening the delegates enjoyed an evening of drumming. See them having fun (right)

Below: Amanda Simpson and Nomvula Nhlabati at the registration desk
Below: Delegates listening to a presentation

Below: Ina Fourie and Anna-Marie Arnold enjoying tea

Left: Shadrak Katuu, Ruth Pincoe and Marlene Burger at the main desk

Riason Naidoo introducing the restoration project at Timbaktu

Rachel Williams introducing Majorie Courtenay- Latimer

John Simkin (ANSZI) and other delegates in the boat to view the Maropeng Museum exhibits

Antoinette Kotze enjoying a moment

Pilar Wyman (USA) enjoying an exhibit in the Maropeng Museum

Karin McGuirk and Hannalie Knoetze at the conference dinner

Frances Lennie introducing the international societies' representatives

The Simon Bekker Primary School choir closed the conference with the South African national anthem

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

ASAIB Conference 2008 - Photos

Marlene Rose and Stephen Gray

Market place

Cynthia Kros

Trix Lombard, Antoinette Kotze, Nomvula Nhlabati, Marlene Burger

Peter Duncan having tea

Peter Duncan at the registration desk

Left: Amanda Simpson and three exhibitors

Right: Peter Duncan and Yvonne Garson

Left: Stephan Welz

Right: Deone Prinsloo

Left: Henriette Latsky

Right: Abdul Bemath on receiving his award.

Left: Beth Strachan and Elna Schoeman

Right: Ruda Landman and Jackie Fourie (at the back)