Wednesday, June 19, 2013


The new ASAIB website is now live and includes a number of features that we did not have previously.

We would like to request that you enter your details into the membership section. This will enable you to choose whether you require a directory entry or not.
If you have not paid your subscription, please contact Karin McGuirk for the banking details, after which payment your profile will be accessible.

All paid up members' profiles will be made available as soon as notification of their entries has been received by me directly from the website. 

Go to

On the homepage, click on Member Login (top right)
Fill in Name and Password
Fill in your details on your Profile
- name, address, email, username and password (the same ones provided above)
- region (use dropdown menu)
- subject fields (these are broad categories)
- detailed subject fields 
- what you index i.e types of materials
- academic qualifications
- ASAIB indexing training
- Year completed
- other indexing courses
- non-indexing courses i.e computer software such as InDesign,Macrex, Cindex etc.
- Indexing experience
- searchable i.e Directory entry or not
- membership type

 If there are any problems, please contact me at

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